Monday, January 16, 2017

IS295B MIS (Information System Project Implementation)

Modified Carrier Robots-Xentrino Robot


First of all, this is a blog type of documentation, as technical papers will be submitted in the University for the  submission report of this project.This is  all about the design of  web based information system applicable of  gathering variable and discrete data.A data  that is important to represent status of a certain environment. This technology serves an indigenous initiative to support engineers,technician and system administrators for their N.O.C monitoring routine,this is appropriate to my current IT work place-Data Center . Yet, the said information has a general use to monitor and controls mechanical equipment, machines and robots. The final deliverable of the  project is to have an example of information system with prototypes (server,robot and tiny robots) to showcase an effective real-time monitoring and controlling things in a remote environment.

In my own application ,its title is "Information System Design of Data Monitoring System ,with collaborative Tele-Mobile Robots.The project will give a web-based display to monitor different data inside the servers-room such as humidity,light electricity,heat and etc.This is done by different transducers interface to a tiny single board computers.How ever , the project also involves a semi-autonomous group of robots roaming the rooms to boost data gathering in every area,particularly if its not with in the reach of the transducers attach to the stationary servers.

The said study took  almost three 3 semesters to finish the proposal, yet due to the technological design,learning curve,dilemma  and other problem outside its R&D period , it lasted more than three(3) years in the making. I would simply convinced myself that it is not  simply obtaining  diploma ,but  citing an experience that it is not just a walk in the park.

Carrier Robots
Mini Server

Provide Technical Papers
Plan on the Drawing boards
Web Coding
Embedded Programming
Tweaking the mechanical Frame
Integration of all the design
Pilot Testing
Redesign Robots
Fine Tuning
Technical Documentations

Reference photos,videos: